Outdoor small pixel pitch LED display the development prospects


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In recent years, the development of small spacing LED display screen is booming, which has swept the whole LED display industry. Following the indoor small spacing, outdoor small spacing has gradually become a hot market for many LED display manufacturers. Previously, the industry predicted that the market size of outdoor small-spacing LED display will reach 100 billion yuan in the future. This assertion is like a flat thunderbolt, which is exciting and tense.

From the major industry exhibitions and the new product release trend of LED display manufacturers in the industry, the record of point spacing in outdoor applications has been repeatedly refreshed, and enterprises have made every effort to occupy a place in the blue sea market of small outdoor spacing. It is understood that the current outdoor small spacing has broken through P2.6, and there have been corresponding application cases. At the same time, many leading screen companies in the industry have begun to develop towards the direction of small outdoor spacing. The person in charge of an enterprise in the industry has said that small outdoor spacing will reopen the outdoor and semi-outdoor digital announcement market which LCD splicing screen has not been able to effectively start, and will create a domestic outdoor/semi-outdoor small advertising screen market of nearly 20 billion yuan. This shows how attractive the outdoor small pixel pitch LED display market is!

The development of outdoor small space to P2.5 or even P1.2 is the inevitable trend of future development. With the advent of the new retail era, outdoor business show market is constantly exploding. For example, advertising machines, bus stop boards, advertising windows and other close contact display platforms, if we want to achieve a good interaction between the content information of LED display screen and the audience, whether P8, P6 or P4, P3 can not be satisfied, the small interval is inevitable.

Driven by the market demand of outdoor commercial display, outdoor small spacing LED display has a considerable market development space. At the same time, with the superposition of infrared sensing, face recognition, touch, 3D, VR/AR and other interactive technologies, the outdoor small-spacing display becomes more vivid. With the support of these interactive technologies, the development prospect of outdoor small-spacing LED display panel is very promising.

As we all know, the outdoor large screen market almost occupies half of the LED display industry. In the era of smart city construction and big data interconnection, the outdoor media market also ushered in new changes. In the future, with the further improvement of outdoor small spacing products, outdoor media market will become a big blue sea with small spacing, and the development prospects are very considerable.

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