Creative large-screen LED display wall has increasing competition

stage led wall

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From the gradual rise of smart cities, we seem to be able to perceive the progress and development of future cities. They will be intelligent, modern, streamlined, and Internet + development models. The rapid development of smart cities requires the gradual improvement of city perception. Urban perception needs multi-dimension, high precision, high density, correlation and integration of data. Through this way of perception, cities may become more intelligent, while LED display manufacturers need to explore and apply from multiple dimensions.

The birth of creative LED display is a wonderful reflection of the city’s deep knowledge. In recent years, LED rotary screen, LED film screen, LED floor tile screen, LED ring screen, LED wormhole screen… It seems that in this field, only your mind is too deep to reach, rather than the breadth of their flexible antennae.

First, the field of dancing beauty is the main position for the display of LED screen, and there is a surge of feeling: at present, the tide of LED creative display industry has swept the world, and accompanied by a variety of literary and artistic performances, business shows and leisure entertainment fields, the ultimate pursuit of dynamic dancing beauty effect, creative display has increasingly become a hot spot in the field of large-screen display and the focus of competition of screen enterprises. In addition, the LED creative display screen inserts the wings of unlimited creativity into the promising stage performances, making the scene create a variety of colorful, beautiful visual feasts. The vigorous development of this field seems to be the most closely linked link between the development of the times and urban development in the LED display industry. Whether there is a new breakthrough in the shape or a subversive upgrading in the technology, it is the innovation and change of the LED display screen “not satisfied with the status quo”. It seems that we can find the image of LED display screen from the hot vocabulary and popular elements of the times in recent years.

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