Why do LED screen enterprises needs grasp the “small pixel pitch display”?

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Keywords:High Refresh Rate Small Pitch Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display, HD Small Pixel Pitch Full Color P1.667 Indoor LED Display for Meeting Room

We know that for every 100 meters above sea level, the temperature drops by 0.6 degrees Celsius, so the higher the altitude, the colder it is. The higher the temple is, the farther the rivers and lakes are, the lonely people on the top of the mountain, the higher the realm is, the fewer people can be accompanied, and the heart is doomed to withstand loneliness and cold. In the field of LED display, a small number of led screen companies,  can break the technical barriers and devote themselves to the research and production of “small spacing” or “micro-spacing”, which is also in a “high and cold” situation.

Over the past decade, the development of small spacing LED video wall products has shown a trend of explosion. For example, the price of P2 0 products has dropped from hundreds of thousands of yuan per square meter to 20,000 yuan. From “sample” to “mass production”, the rapid decline in prices is closely related to the changes in the overall market situation. Among them, the traditional small spacing LED products with the market dominant surface mounting technology as the core have realized the “mass sample trial production” of P 0.8 products and the “mass industrial supply” stage of P 1.0 products.

Obviously, the technical difficulty of smaller spacing LED is clear, but the benefits are obvious. We have reason to believe that with the technological breakthroughs of screen enterprises, all kinds of difficulties and complications will be overcome eventually. On the small spacing LED terminals, there will inevitably be a “more and more promising” trend of development. In the future product “iterative renewal” industry pattern, how to occupy the advantage of time cycle in the latest technology and products will be the key to the long-term prosperity of small spacing LED brands.

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