What is the impact of US tax cuts on China’s LED display industry?

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In today’s world, the number one economic power should belong to the United States. On December 22, 2017, the White House signed the Tax Reduction and Employment Act, which came into force in January 2018. Don’t underestimate this bill. Its formal implementation will affect the development of the whole world economy, especially the countries and regions with export-oriented economy. Today, we will not talk about the impact of the global economy, nor on China’s macro-economy. Liancheng Fair Editor (www.lcf-led.cn) talks about the impact of the tax reduction act of the United States on China’s LED display industry.

1. Although the US tax cut will not lead to a substantial tax cut in China, the US tax cut will still have some impact on the LED display industry in China.

2. On the evening of January 30, 2018, American President Trump said in his State of the Union Address that competitors like China and Russia challenge the interests, economy and values of the United States. He also said he would work to resolve “bad trade agreements” and negotiate new ones. Trade rules will be strictly enforced to protect American workers and American intellectual property rights. We can also see that Trump is not talking about the trade protection measures that the United States has begun to impose high tariffs on imported solar panels and large washing machines. As the largest economy in the world, the United States is also one of the main markets for LED display manufacturers in China. A batch of display companies in China took the lead in going overseas. They also took the American market as the main battlefield. In recent years, more and more domestic display companies are going overseas, while the American market has always been regarded as a high-end market. Its lucrative profits attract Chinese LED display manufacturers like flowers attract bees. Once the United States takes measures similar to photovoltaic products to our LED display enterprises, the consequences are predictable.

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