Fine Pitch LED display will have great potential in security market!


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Security industry is changing. Every round of industry fusion brings intelligent security to a new level. In the new security era, people’s demand for terminals of electronic mobile devices is also increasing. Thanks to the diversification of market demand and the supply of upstream industry chain, many commercial display products such as small-spacing LED display and LCD educational display have become the “fragrant baboon” for the layout of major enterprises, which has aroused a new round of vigor for security market. The following gives you an analysis of the market prospects of small spacing LED display screen entering the security field?

First, the small-spacing LED display screen of commercial display industry has attracted much attention: in recent years, with the rapid development of smart cities and safe China, small-spacing LED display enterprises have taken root in the field of security. In major security exhibitions, not only monitoring, building, parking lot “world”, small spacing LED display enterprises also increased significantly.

With the popularization of small-spacing LED technology and the decrease of the price of small-spacing LED display, the small-spacing LED display industry has attracted more and more manufacturers to join, especially in the low and middle-end application fields with strong economic demand, such as indoor security, conference rooms and so on. In addition to the continuous updating and upgrading of technology to meet the terminal market demand, the rapid rise of small spacing LED market segments, overseas markets and other emerging markets has also stimulated the further outbreak of small spacing market, which is also one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of small spacing LED market.

Secondly, there are more areas of LED layout with small spacing in 2018. With the coming of 2018, many professionals expressed full confidence in the development prospects of the industry, believing that security is ushering in an unprecedented golden period of development and is ready for development. The same is true of the small-spacing LED display industry, which has gained a lot in its sustained growth in the past 2017. The whole industry is slowly developing with a more robust market structure. In recent years, the development of small spacing LED has changed rapidly. It has already broken through the concept of simply reducing spacing, and the field of layout is becoming wider and wider. Driven by the “along the road” border city, intelligent small spacing LED is being widely applied to smart city, intelligent security, intelligent transportation led display and other more and more application areas. In the middle and low-end application fields with strong economic demand, such as indoor security and conference rooms, a large number of display module wholesalers and other manufacturers with low prices have emerged, which has broken the image of “high-end and high-matching” in the original market with small spacing. Not only that, the application scenario of small spacing LED display has been expanded, not only in the marketing and promotion market, but also in the cinema, trying to replace the traditional way of watching movies.


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