LED Display Screen Subverts “No Man’s Land” in Cinema

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Over the years, cinemas have been trying to shift to digital projectors, but through the observation , it has been found that the news is always “loud thunder, little rain”. Previously in China’s professional cinema market, professional film projection equipment are projectors. Why before, because on February 4, the opening ceremony of the first Samsung Cinema LED studio was held in Shanghai. Simply put, the projection is gone, and the cinema is equipped with an LED screen.

It is understood that in March last year, Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, first announced the news of the LED film screen, and showed it for the first time in a series of events at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The 10.3-meter screen has been installed in the Lotte Film World Building in Korea. After that, Samsung pushed its LED screen around the world, and now finally came to China. This also shows that Samsung LED Cinema’s globalization process is still very effective.

Theaters use LED display instead of projection technology. On the surface, the difficulty factor is not very large. After all, Samsung’s LED display supports 4K resolution, which has surpassed traditional projection technology. Its black, white and white color can bring extraordinary visual enjoyment to the experiencer. It is the only LED display with DCI standard in the market at present. Display screen. This is very good news for the audience, but why can it cause a sensational effect in the industry?

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