LED display manufacturers must solve the problem of product reliability


In recent years, due to the rapid development of technology and technology, LED display wall has made great progress in high-definition display, thus opening the door to the commercial led display market. Moreover, with the advantages of its own characteristics, it occupies a part of the market share of display products originally belonging to DLP, LCD, etc.

According to the data of relevant institutions, the commercial display market in China maintained high growth in 2017. The scale of the commercial display market in mainland China reached 47.5 billion yuan, and relevant experts also looked forward to the future commercial display market. They predicted that the overall market of commercial display in China would reach 58.88 billion yuan in 2018. The huge potential of the commercial display market has made the enterprises that have tasted the sweetness of the LED display screen flourish, increasing the productivity of research and development. The LED display screen represented by “small spacing” continues to compete with DLP and LCD in the market.

In fact, in the early stage, many users of LED display screen, especially government institutions, chose LED display screen mainly for the purpose of “tasting fresh” under the guidance of policy. However, due to the prominent problem of “dead light” of LED display screen, which seriously affects the normal use of users, many customers abandon the LED display screen and return to DLP and LCD when they choose display products for the second time.

Therefore, in the future, if we want to develop our LED display in this market in the long run, it is urgent to solve the reliability problems of display effect, dead light and so on, which has become a must for our LED display producer to overcome.

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