Energy-saving and environmentally friendly outdoor LED display is popular


According to relevant agencies, with the rapid development of various emerging markets, outdoor media advertising, led video advertising industry, outdoor stickers, special-shaped led screens and other markets have performed well. Among them, LED display screen has become a hot product in the industry. With the continuous progress and renewal of LED video wall technology, the civil market of LED display screen has gradually been taken seriously by many LED enterprises. Outdoor LED display can really improve the image of the city, and advertising forms are flexible and diverse. However, in the process of using outdoor LED display, there are still some areas that need to be improved. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Structural design: Outdoor LED display screen generally has a large area, so it is very heavy. Installed in the outdoor LED display, the first thing we need to pay attention to is the design of the structure. Installation structure should take into account: wind resistance, earthquake resistance, load bearing and other major factors; secondly, the shape, structure, external decoration design of the screen should be in harmony with the attached building or environment; thirdly, the local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salinity (coastal city), and so on.

2. Light pollution: Chai Jing Fog Haze Survey – Under the Dome arouses people’s wide attention to haze, environmental protection, caring for society, environmental protection, everyone is responsible. In recent years, LED display screen has been widely used in all walks of life, but little mention of “light pollution” problem. According to the current international definition of light pollution, it is usually divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial daylight pollution and color light pollution. At present, there are only relevant regulations for glass curtain wall in white light pollution in China, but there are no relevant regulations for artificial daytime and color light pollution at present. But considering that the color pollution does cause people to feel uncomfortable, it should belong to “light pollution”. When designing the display screen, we must consider the light pollution prevention of the display screen. Here are some solutions for light pollution.

Because the ambient brightness of outdoor LED display changes greatly during the day and at night, we can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction by automatically adjusting the brightness of outdoor LED display.

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