5G race is in full swing, and LED screen enterprises take profits?


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Introduction: Recently, T-Mobile, an American mobile operator, has reached a $3.5 billion supply agreement with Nokia for the next generation 5G network equipment. It is unique that on July 31, CCTV and China Mobile signed a cooperation framework agreement in Beijing, announcing the comprehensive development of 5G technology, 4K ultra-high definition channel construction, content distribution, big data and capital. Strategic cooperation, to create a content + technology + channels of integrated development model, a comprehensive layout of the 5G era.

LED lamp pole screen is light, energy-saving, beautiful and intelligent. Although the area of lamp pole screen is small, multi-channel advertising can also play a mandatory advertising implantation. The deployment of small base station based on lamp pole is the main form of outdoor deployment. According to system calculation, the installation of 5G base station will drive 117.6 billion smart lamp pole market, with an average annual of 29.4 billion. The prospect of LED lamp pole screen is promising.

Although the prospects of 5G are considerable, it is a gradual process after all. Because of the high cost of 5G base station, it requires operators to invest a lot of financial resources to build a good 5G network. At the same time, ordinary terminal customers’perception of 5G is not obvious, and the progress of user replacement to 5G is obviously not very fast. How to let customers accept and use 5G is also a big problem faced by LED display manufacturers. However, with the wide application of 5G technology, more application explorations will be found, and our manufacturing industry will become more intelligent. We have reason to believe that the advent of 5G era is bound to bring subversive changes to the LED display industry.

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