Light Pole Screen LED Display Manufacturers Open Smart City Market


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With most of the population pouring into urban areas, key urban systems such as water, electricity and transportation have become overburdened and nearly collapsed. In 2012, the first 90 smart cities in China were listed as pilot cities. The basic points of smart cities are that they can easily find the quickest route to work, ensure water supply and power supply, and make streets safer. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly dominant. They hope that their demands for the quality of life can be met while the cities bear the burden of population inflow and achieve economic growth.

Light pole screen can be popular in every city naturally has its unique advantages. Compared with the lamp box advertisement replaced by LED lamp pole screen, it has many advantages. LED lamp pole screen can display dynamic video advertisement, can express more propaganda content, and attract more attention. The lamp pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous broadcast, and the design of more than 140 degrees visual angle is also in the street. This kind of rush place, even if sitting in a moving vehicle to glimpse, will not miss the content of the advertisement. Driving on expressway, no matter how far the vehicle travels, always accompanied by the content of high-definition street lamp screens play a considerable role in alleviating driver fatigue driving.

As an important subdivision field of LED display screen, the development of LED lamp pole screen will certainly drive the development of the entire LED display industry. Throughout the whole Chinese LED display industry, the big but not strong state has not been reversed. The most important thing to change this state is to form core competitiveness, which requires each enterprise to have advanced technology, perfect after-sales service, and thus to form brand competitiveness. 。

As the saying goes: greedy and chewy! This is the survival status of many enterprises, but also the reason why the industry is large but not strong. No matter what screen customers want, they can basically satisfy their needs. Many enterprises claim that they can do it without their own characteristics and expertise. In Shenzhen, there are countless enterprises making LED display screen, and only a few enterprises making lamp pole screen instead of other screens. this

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