Small pixel pitch LED Display Screen Application for Safety Market


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With its own advantages, small pitch LED displays have launched a strong offensive in many fields, displaying different styles in different application areas. Conference hall, concert, command center, science and technology building, monitoring center, Square shopping mall, studio, airport railway station and so on are the main application fields of small spacing LED display, but at the same time, the application of artificial intelligence and intelligent city is still in the initial stage.

With the gradual breakthrough of small spacing LED technology, products with smaller spacing have been developed, and the price of products has also been reduced. In the long run, it is not impossible for small spacing LED display to enter new application areas.

In the future, the security market will gradually expand and the market prospects will be unlimited. So, what can help the development of small spacing LED display in the field of security?

Small spacing LED display is the new “darling” of security industry: in the field of security, there are more places where small spacing LED display can take root. For example, traffic guidance system, public security management, smart city, command room of monitoring center and so on.

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