Meet the future of LED display screen in signage culture!


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Guide: Advertising is very sharp, because it can penetrate into all aspects of society and economy; Advertising is very soft, because it can hold up the tenderness of all kinds of human nature in life. From fancy broadcast, online diversion purchase, to scene-based deep integration, “wide and informed” mode emerges endlessly.

Along with the urban reform and opening up, the signage culture is gradually leaving the extensive, entering a new stage of development of optimization and consolidation. Now, we are more accustomed to using a concise word – “advertising” to address. Since the end of last century, with the increase of people’s tourism and leisure activities and the wide application of high-tech, outdoor media has become a new favorite of advertisers, and its growth rate is much higher than that of traditional TV, newspaper and magazine media.

As China’s economy is outstanding in the global economy, more and more multinational corporations are entering China in a large scale, and the competition among various industries is becoming more and more intense. All walks of life are eager to promote the image of enterprises and disseminate business information quickly. Governments at all levels also hope to establish the image of cities and beautify cities through outdoor advertisements. These factors stimulate the outdoor advertising industry to develop rapidly. Rapid growth. In the process of development, many large-brand advertisements are difficult to integrate with the urban style. Local governments have cancelled the examination and approval of canvas advertisements and light box advertisements, and encouraged the use of outdoor LED screens, which directly promoted the development and growth of LED display companies. The integrated effect of these large LED screens and city appearance often makes consumers accept advertisements very naturally.

LED display, integrated with urban buildings, is full of fashion and technology elements, helping the city become more colorful.

In the field of market segmentation of outdoor advertising industry, outdoor electronic screen advertising market, bus body advertising market and elevator print advertising market have attracted wide attention due to wide audience coverage and good advertising effect. Among them, the outdoor electronic screen advertising market has a larger share in the outdoor advertising market. In 2016, the outdoor electronic screen advertising market in China reached 13.102 billion yuan, and the super-large LED electronic screen advertising market reached 2.354 billion yuan.

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