LED display product standardization is the industry’s development


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED display technology and the continuous emergence of new led wall products, the problems of insufficient product innovation and product homogeneity, which are plaguing the LED display industry, have been effectively solved. Under the influence of factors such as continuous optimization of chain prices, continuous improvement in end market demand, and policy dividends, China’s LED display industry has entered a period of continuous growth.

Nowadays, all major screen companies in the industry are actively innovating, and various new products, new technologies, new solutions, etc. are emerging one after another. For the terminal market, this is undoubtedly a good phenomenon. The choice of products and services is also more cost-effective. It will be higher, but there are also some problems that cannot be avoided. For example, the big problem of product “fitness” can also be said to be the “standard” problem of LED display manufacturing, especially with the recent global economic situation, industry The pressure of competition has increased sharply, and the standardization and standardization of products have become the key to promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

This shows how important the improvement of standards is to the development of the industry. The standardization of the manufacturing of LED display wall is also conducive to the formation of effective and uniform product measurement standards, and the transactions between customers and manufacturers will be easier to hit. At present, the LED display industry, many market customers are confused about the standard concept of products, especially in the face of a mixed market of new products and new products, it is more difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products.

The full-color interface is also the same. It will save the cost for the manufacturer and will also be convenient for customer maintenance and replacement. In the future, the leader in the industry must be an enterprise that has its own core technologies and products, can lead the industry to “standardize” and promote the scale production of the industry.

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