LED display screen manufacturers must break the traditional thinking

P3 indoor fixed screen

In recent years, the LED display industry industry chain has developed rapidly. In particular, new technology video led screen products represented by small-pitch high-density full-color indoor led panels have been rapidly popularized and applied. In the case of slowing domestic macroeconomic growth, LED display application industry is maintained. High growth situation.

However, at the time of the industry’s surface booming, many companies have also felt that a hidden “cold stream” is surging. As we all know, the LED display media industry starts from the end, and the growth mode is relatively “barbaric”. The LED display industry is developing very fast, but at the same time as the industrial market grows, the brand share is low, the structural overcapacity, and the industry products are difficult to sell.

As a “professional” product, LED display panels has always been the most important part of the LED display market. Therefore, LED display companies should be responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of all equipment during the warranty period in accordance with the contract, and replace any equipment or components damaged by product design, installation process, materials, product quality and components. Maintenance;

For the serious problem of homogenization, enterprises can save R&D costs and improve R&D efficiency by jointly developing products and markets. For example, brand cooperation, through the establishment and launch of new brands, and the use of both markets and promotion channels. Create a more influential brand to gain market share and expand the company’s “right to talk”.

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