LED display screen industry keys to high quality development


Keywords: P4.81/P3.91 SMD outdoor/indoor curve/arc rental led display,Vide Full Color P10 Video Screen SMD TV P5mm Outdoor LED Display Panel

After the end of the 19th National Congress, “high quality development” became a high-frequency vocabulary for all walks of life. The same is true in the LED display industry. Especially with the acceleration of the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, the optimization of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain needs to be increasingly urgent, and the “high-quality development” of products, technologies and services has become the industry’s primary development strategy.

First, “grasping the right door” is the high-quality development: With the development of the industry, the current product lines and production of the screen enterprises in the industry are relatively perfect. From the industry exhibitions, we can see that many screen enterprises have basic product coverage.

Second, based on the future, high-quality development: With the continuous improvement of P3.91 indoor LED display technology in packaging technology and spacing technology, the marginal cost of hard technology innovation will be higher and higher, and economic benefits will be declining in the future.

Third, with the environment, the company’s product patents, knowledge products, services and other soft power requirements are getting higher and higher, and intellectual property rights and other important role in the future international competition.

In short, “The more people can grasp the future trend, the more they can win the future.” This is also the starting point for high-quality development and the key to the growth of the company. Creative applications, intellectual property strategies, operational-grade LED large-screen sharing economy, and more innovative development of corporate screen enterprises are all a layout of screen enterprises for the future of “high-quality development.”

At present, high-quality development has become the key “baton” for the transformation and upgrading of the domestic economy. Driven by the combination of policies, technology, innovation, capital and market demand, the LED display industry must be better at the “high-quality development”, so that the Chinese LED display industry is not just a mass in the world. Big, and strong!

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