Small-pitch LED display incorporates cutting-edge new technology


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In 2018, the small-pitch market continued to increase in volume. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of technology and market, the application of small-pitch applications has been continuously broadened, especially in the market potential of the Shangxian market, which has made the industry happy. Considering that the future small-pitch LED display will continue to accelerate penetration in the Shangxian market, and the further opening of the overseas small-pitch LED display market.

First, the commercial market broke out, and the small distance drove the rapid growth of the industry: As we all know, the commercial market is larger than the professional display market. Since last year, the small-pitch market has begun to enter an explosive growth. At the same time, with the stabilization of technology, the market has small-pitch products. The demand has also gradually increased.

Second, the price is expected to continue to fall, the future application prospects can be expected: As more and more screen companies have increased the small-pitch market, the current small-pitch production continues to increase, which also stimulates competition in the industry to further intensify, pushing product prices down.

Third, while small-pitch products gradually infiltrated into the commercial market, new application forms have also emerged. For example, high-end shops have begun to use small-pitch LED screens to display merchandise advertisements, and some manufacturers have launched corresponding high-end retail solutions in a timely manner. Among them, LED poster screens and window screens have become the hottest commercial products; not only that, auto shows and other luxury products. Exhibition activities, as well as information education market, large conference rooms, multi-purpose lecture halls, development of virtual simulation laboratories, etc. are all one of the directions of P3.91 LED screen manufacturers.

Not to mention the huge competitive pressure within the industry, as well as the various restrictions on the entry threshold of the screen enterprise, the small gap commercial display itself also has some inherent “deficiencies”, such as brightness, energy consumption, etc., the outside of the industry is also a group of wolves Laser projection, electronic whiteboard and other display products are all eyeing… How to better optimize these problems and maintain the leading position of small spacing in the field of commercial display is the direction that every industry enterprise must seriously think about and work hard.

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