LED display screen lamp driver integration and lamp driver separation?

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The circuit board of LED display screen is generally composed of lamp board and driving board. Many led video display customers do not know very well about the LED display products using these two schemes, which is better or worse, and do not know how to choose? The following will explain to you what is LED display lamp drive integration and lamp drive separation and what are the differences between them, for you to choose a display screen for reference.

First, LED display lamp driver in one: full-color LED display lamp and driver IC are all on a PCB board, IC on the front of PCB circuit board, eliminating copper row insertion, the advantage is that there is no inductance effect, no screen; the disadvantage is troublesome maintenance.

Second, LED display lamp driver separation: LED lamp in a separate PCB circuit board, driving IC in another PCB board, two PCB boards between the use of row needle and row mother to insert the way of signal connection to achieve the purpose of normal work.

Third, there are three main reasons why LED electronic display screen uses lamp-driven separation: first, the LED display screen uses plug-in LED, the lamp foot of LED affects the normal placement of back drive IC, so the lamp-driven separation method is adopted; second, the dot spacing of LED display screen is too small, which affects the line of PCB board in electronic design, and the lamp-driven separation method can increase the wiring area of PCB board;

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