Ten Points in Assembly and testing of LED Electronic Display Screen

p4-p4-8-p5-display-p6-p8 led wall

LED electronic display screen, it can play video, pictures, text, forms and other multimedia information. Compared with the traditional led sign advertisement, the brilliant pictures and videos of LED electronic display screen have more visual impact, more attractive eyeballs, and the content of broadcast information is large, content can be updated at any time, and has a very good advertising effect. So what should we pay attention to in the process of installation and debugging of LED electronic display? We summarize the following points, hoping to help you all.

1. Size of LED display frame: Size of frame is determined by finished product specifications, but it is also subject to unit plate specifications. When cutting material, attention should be paid to the width of aluminium alloy frame. Because there are two left and right sides, the width of aluminium alloy frame should be subtracted twice from the finished product specifications when cutting up and down two cross materials. The left and right sides should also be taken into account.

2. The corner part is connected by plastic connectors. Finally, the self-tapping screw is used to fix the corner firmly. Four screws are used for each corner, one on each side and one on each side. After the border is connected, the unit board can be placed.

3. Unit boards should be placed according to their own finished product specifications. 4.8 * 0.48 specifications need to be placed in horizontal 15, vertical 3. Note that the unit board should be placed in the same direction as the arrow on the unit board.

4. Twist the special screw to the unit board, absorb all the magnetic columns, and the screw near the left and right sides of the frame should be screwed on the row near the unit board so as to fix the back of the side.

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