Led display screens applications and acquisitions in education


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From the LED industry to the completely unfamiliar education industry, it not only tests the capital operation ability of enterprises, but also tests the ability of enterprises to control and manage new industries.

The LED industry has experienced a process of springing up, flourishing, mature, and competitive. In this process, many companies have achieved diversified development through capital operations. Among them, listed companies such as Changfang Group, Shell, and Qinshang Group will focus on the education industry.

The education industry is faltering, and the Changfang Group returns to the LED industry.
In the early days, the Changfang Group has been committed to promoting the development of LED panels in the field of lighting. In 2012, it landed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Two months after planning to acquire the assets of the education industry, on April 9, 2018, Shellett announced that the company’s planned major issues had been blown out, which also made the company’s plan to enter the education industry stop.

In 2017, Shellett formed two business segments of “Light Technology Application” + “New Energy Vehicle Key Components” two-wheel drive development. Among them, the main products of the optical technology application business segment include LED indoor lighting series, LED outdoor lighting series, automotive lighting series, fluorescent indoor lighting series, environmental purification series, LED display system series and so on. In addition, the main products of the key components business of new energy vehicles include charging piles and power lithium battery production equipment.

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