The development trend of LED display screen wall industry market


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In recent years, the steps of industrial transformation and promotion have slowed down from time to time, but the threshold for entering the LED display industry has not been raised year-on-year. Therefore, this kind of industrial situation has also formed in the future: on the one hand, there are more and more small and medium-sized screen enterprises with mixed resources; On the other hand, the threshold for creating a well-known brand in the outside industry is getting higher and higher. As we all know, the LED display industry has not produced a well-known brand with a non-industry background for a long time.

This scene has also caused many LED display operators to break into a puzzle: the market is getting better and better, will it lead to many industry veterans re-enter the industry? Or the market is coming The harder it is, the long time it has not made a new brand from 0 to 1 rise strongly?

Many LED display manufacturers are busy with transformation, promotion, and innovation, but they ignore the most important internal variable of industrial innovation: that is, the threshold for entry is becoming more and more complicated, even if it relies on “cottage” and “simulation”. Workshop-style companies and some pure trade types are also very easy to enter the LED display industry in a short period of time, and their vitality is often very tenacious. Their existence makes the complex industrial competition environment more difficult and versatile.

More and more LED display suppliers are gradually discovering that it seems complicated to want to market a product in the market. As long as the price is sufficient, you can always find the purchaser. For example, a small number of analog screen companies rely on low prices to live in the low-end market. However, as the market enters a new round of consumer promotion, the pressure on these screen enterprises will become larger and larger. If they do not automatically change, they will be “one way out”.

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