LED Light Pole Display Screen Helps Smart City Construction


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Street lamp led display posters, as one of the main public facilities for people’s livelihood in urban construction, plays an important role in smart city construction compared with other public facilities. With the development of smart city construction in China, the LED smart electronic screen applied to street lamp poles – LED lamp pole screen, which emerged in the information age, also ushered in the spring of development.

A common street lamp pole can have many functions, including charging pile, wireless network, PM2.5 monitoring, one-button alarm and so on. It not only solves the chaotic phenomenon of standing poles, but also effectively saves urban ground and space resources. It is a manifestation of the refined development of urban management.

Light pole screen features:

1. Wide viewing angle and better surface smoothness and stability.

2. RGB deep gray level processing, rich color, automatic brightness adjustment.

3. Support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use.

Nowadays, the platform based on “intelligent street lamp” can also realize the “intellectualization” of urban management, transportation, sanitation, advertising and vehicle networking, so as to construct the three-dimensional information and safety network of smart city. Therefore, outdoor advertising companies, outdoor media companies, commercial complex operators, public administration departments, urban construction departments of smart cities and other relevant parties are invisible customers of LED light pole screen manufacturers. With the development of Blue Sea, we believe that more high-quality LED intelligent products will emerge, and we will contribute more to the advancement of “Smart City” together with other excellent LED display companies in China.

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