What is the gap between domestic and foreign LED display technology?

P1-P1-25-P1-5-P1-66 led wall

In technology, the development of LED display video wall is closely related to the quality characteristics of world-class enterprises. At present, there is little difference between domestic high-quality LED display and foreign top products in image processing technology and front-end video processing technology. The main gap is the following two aspects.

1. Single-point color confirmation: Single-point color confirmation technology can ensure lifelike color display, lasting for several years.

2. Structural technology: At present, the box shell of domestic products is basically processed by single sheet metal. The processing technology is poor, the accuracy is not high, the appearance is not beautiful, and the waterproof is not very good. Especially in the outdoor harsh environment, the system is prone to instability.

The cabinet adapts to the harsh working environment, and all the external hardware of the cabinet is installed in the aluminum alloy casting packaging box with IP65 standard. The special sealing measures adopted in the box body are sufficient to prevent the entry of rain and dust. The digital “5” is a grade to prevent liquid infiltration and is also one of the design requirements, so that the display system can work normally in rainy days and without water accumulation.

There is still a long way to go for the technology research and development of LED display screen in our country. It is the long-term development strategy for enterprises to focus on the research and development road.

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