LED display screen has become an advertising carrier for traffic

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Nowadays, urban traffic information is more and more developed, and the emergence of subway makes people travel more convenient. In daily life, people are unconsciously attracted by subway advertisements. When traveling on the subway, the most easily seen is the subway advertisements. Generally, the subway advertisements will be placed on both sides of the corridor or distributed around the subway.

The main forms of subway advertisements are twelve light boxes, four channel posters, special light boxes, escalators, posters in carriages and LED advertisement screens in tunnel sections. As a special advertising carrier of modern traffic, LED display screen makes use of the advantages of concentrated traffic and high degree of attention in the subway to increase brand awareness, so that it can retain the fast-paced city people to stop and watch.

As we all know, the subway station has a special geographical location, unique spatial structure, dark environment, and high demand for display devices such as LED display. If the advertising light is too bright, the impact of attracting passengers’eyes will be greater. Therefore, we should not only bring visual enjoyment to people in such an environment, but also consider the potential safety hazards of too bright light, so we must choose the right display solution.

The bright color and vivid picture of the LED display screen in the metro station are not only used for publishing public welfare propaganda, tourism propaganda and advertising video, but also for more diversified forms of dissemination and publication. Because the import and export of the LED display screen in the metro station not only forms a unique interactive advertising position, but also more importantly, the golden position of super-high traffic brings advertisement propaganda to customers. Maximize efficiency, and the entire large LED screen bright color, smooth picture, magnificent momentum, people will never forget.

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