LED video transparent screen for the radio and television industry

transparent led display screens

In the past few years when small narrow pixel pitch led video wall is popular all over the world, LED electronic screen transparent display P3.91 P7.8 is also in rapid progress, and there are many classic led advertising media video cases. Whether it’s fixed decoration or leasing, whether it’s a concert with tens of thousands of people, or the corner may encounter the window of various stores of love, you can see the figure of the transparent LED electronic screen. In this year’s big star concerts, the LED electronic screen transparent screen really made a big splash, such as a sister’s concert, or a set of suspended stage of CCTV which was crazily swiping the screen in the circle of friends some time ago. In the daily street, LED electronic screen transparent screen also imperceptibly penetrated, such as a 4S shop window screen. After reading these classic applications of LED electronic transparent screen, I believe that many people will come up with a word in their mind, dazzle!

The market of LED electronic transparent screen is very broad, and its position in the market will be higher and higher under the circumstance of more and more strict audit. Whether fixed or leased, the LED electronic screen transparent screen is competent, and presents a perfect display effect, such as the stage digital dance beauty mentioned above. Led glass curtain wall screen, also known as LED curtain wall screen, is an important part of LED electronic screen transparent screen, which is a product specially designed for the lighting of glass curtain wall. The LED curtain wall screen is mixed with the building in the daytime. At night, like the traditional LED display screen, it can play video, pictures, words and other contents. It has a large area display, and the effect is more impressive. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode. It is the best partner of glass curtain wall, as long as there is glass, it can be applied. According to incomplete statistics, the glass area in China alone is more than 70 million square meters. At present, the restrictions of outdoor display are more and more strict. With the improvement of national environmental requirements, this trend will continue. As a semi outdoor terminal display, LED electronic transparent screen can avoid these restrictions and win part of the outdoor display market.

LED electronic screen transparent screen is a good choice for both LED display manufacturers and users. It is understood that the profit margin of LED electronic screen transparent screen is not lower than that of small spacing products, and there are not too many enterprises making LED electronic screen transparent screen on the market, and the competition is far less fierce than small spacing and other markets. To some extent, this market is in the ascendant state, and there are many other market gaps that can not be covered by products. For example, most of the over 70 million square meters of brightenable glass that are still in the state of being developed can not compete, because the market orientation is different from the market demand. Therefore, this is a good development direction for enterprises, not only with high profits, but also to avoid the fierce competition in the market. For users, LED electronic screen transparent screen is also very attractive. Such as convenient installation, energy saving, light transmission, etc.

LED electronic screen transparent screen not only dazzles, but also because of its remarkable permeability, it can integrate with the surrounding environment very well, which improves the function of LED display screen from single display to multiple display and landscape coexistence. For example, the floating stage in the central set of brilliant can be colorful when needed and invisible when not needed. This contributes to the brilliant visual effect of the program without affecting the broad and beautiful overall environment. This is particularly important in the shop window. When the transparent screen of the LED electronic screen is not bright, the glass is the glass, which does not affect the pedestrian to watch the scenery in the shop through the window. When it is lit up, it can become the eye-catching focus. In some open places, such as airports, stations, etc., there are usually suspended LED electronic screens, which can not only provide travel information for passengers, but also increase revenue as an advertising platform, and do not damage the space that should be kept, or even exist as a kind of decoration.

In today’s display effect, the industry’s pursuit of display function has entered a fanatical state. Small spacing and ultra-small spacing become the goal and direction of industry competition, and other aspects of electronic screen are ignored to the point of neglect. People’s stereotype of the conventional electronic screen has even made it a new psoriasis in the city and a factor affecting the local environment. LED electronic screen transparent screen for the industry, its greatest significance is to explore the diversification of electronic screen functions. By making the electronic screen into a landscape with display function, people are liberated from the solidified cognition of the screen. Just like a mobile phone, it can upgrade its communication functions such as music and games.

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