The next chance of LED electronic screen is energy saving led video wall

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With the continuous development of LED electronic screen industry,  the further energy saving of LED electronic display wall has become the support point of this industry. Many led screen enterprises have made improvements in various aspects on this point, to some extent, and achieved the effect of energy conservation. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve greater energy conservation, which requires the joint efforts of the whole industry.

Now there are a few energy-saving LED display screens in the market. The improvement of power supply has greatly improved the energy-saving effect of LED electronic display screens, attracted the attention of many consumers, and given quite high expectations. Many LED display manufacturers are eager to try, ready to introduce this technology first, and get the development opportunity. Based on the current technology, how to achieve the energy-saving effect of energy-saving LED display?
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We use a small LED module to analyze its power consumption! It is a small LED module with a driver chip. Its power supply voltage is 5V, and the power consumption of peripheral devices is not calculated first, because they account for a very small proportion in the whole screen, so the power consumed by the whole screen is on the lamp, and the power of the lamp point is calculated first as pled = n * UVF * LED (n Is the number of channels, UVF is the voltage drop of LED light point, and LED is the set current value). The pin voltage drop of cyt62726 driving IC is generally about 0.6V, and the voltage drop of traffic green and blue light points are respectively 1.8V, 3.0V, 3.0V so that each channel only needs 4V (3.0 + 0.6V) to work normally. Conservatively, it can be set as red channel 2.8V, blue-green channel 3.8V, but in fact, our power supply voltage is 5V, which is equivalent to increasing the power consumption of 1V * led in the IC. So as we can imagine above, as long as the power supply is reduced to red 2.8V, green 3.8V, blue 3.8V, we can omit that added in the IC The 1V * LED power consumption on the IC channel can save at least 15% of the energy of the LED display screen under the condition that other devices remain unchanged. In addition, the reduction of the heat dissipation requirements of the LED screen can also achieve a certain degree of energy saving, which is already a considerable number for a large screen, I believe that customers will be happy to accept it.
To sum up, the realization of energy-saving of LED electronic screen mainly starts from the power supply. In the existing LED electronic screen, the half bridge or full bridge high-efficiency switching power supply is directly used, and the energy-saving effect of synchronous rectification is significant. Under the condition of constant current for driving IC, reduce the power supply voltage as much as possible, and achieve better energy-saving effect through separate power supply of red, green and blue cores. Of course, the application cost of this non-standard voltage power supply and new technology is bound to rise. From the perspective of screen driven IC, energy saving is not obvious, and reducing the constant current differential pressure will bring new problems including cost.

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