Long-term Development of Fine Pitch LED Display Screen


Throughout the rapid development of small spacing LED display screen, the development of small pixel pitch LED display screen panel is becoming more and more mature, which also implies the quiet arrival of the intelligent era. This kind of baptism represented by intelligence is vividly and vividly applied in commodities, technologies, services, after-sales and other places. Nowadays, the field of LED display has been presented to a certain extent. The current production of this small spacing LED display control system has been able to identify signals, or remote monitoring, touch display and other places have been very sufficient. Whether in the current urban traffic, or in the area of security monitoring are impeccable.

As far as  exhibition is concerned, the new P1.2 small spacing LED display is a bright new product in this year’s exhibition. As the small pitch is close to P1.0, in the past, the product is still a relatively high-end product in the LED display market. Now many LED display manufacturers want to popularize it together

Generally speaking, the current LED display industry has laid the industry development trend with small spacing as the dominant factor. Small spacing greatly promotes the development of LED display industry, which has been recognized by the market in all aspects, and has entered the elegant hall of major English industry. However, due to many factors of LED display screen, the commercial market of LED display screen started relatively late. Before that, it was rejected more than a thousand miles away from the civil market. Although remarkable achievements have been made at present, even products under P1.0 or smaller have been constantly emerging, and it is more close to the edge of the civil market application, but for the entire display field. In the same competition, if we want to open up more and bigger roads in the future, we still need to face all kinds of difficulties, but for all this, we have made sufficient preparations.

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