Small Pixel PitchLED Display Screen-for Control Room Command Center


Since the opening of the small spacing LED display market, it has rapidly penetrated into many control areas, such as residential areas, commercial property, traffic guidance and so on. The speed of development is appalling. Nowadays, the development of the social market has been speeding by. It also implies that the rapid development of the intelligent age has far-reaching impact on our lives. So why are small spacing LED displays so widely used?

With the further reduction of point spacing, small-spacing LED display gradually began to replace the high-end control room market, conference room market and security monitoring display market monopolized by DLP (back-projection) display screen, LCD (liquid crystal) display screen and project projection fusion display screen for a long time by virtue of the advantages of no visual seam, good color brightness consistency and so on. Indoor high definition and small spacing series products are one of the main series. They have the characteristics of clear picture quality and uniform picture quality, and the module has its own correction data storage, which can be directly imported into the correction data, so they have attracted great attention from the market. Among them, P1.5625 and P1.667 display screens have been involved in traffic monitoring, security industry, power industry and radio and television industry, and the market reaction is very good.

For example, in the field of transportation, we usually have to face a variety of complex environments. High resolution, high refresh, more stable performance LED display can quickly and clearly fix the face of people, instantaneous action, license plate and so on. These, whether used to reproduce scenes or to analyze crime scenes, traffic accident recognition and so on, can play a certain auxiliary role or even decisive role. From this point, we can see the importance of small spacing products in the field of control room application.

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