Transparent LED display has a long way to go in the future


Transparent LED display screen as a prominent show in recent years, its popularity is only second to small spacing LED display screen. In recent years, there have been many successful and outstanding cases of transparent LED screen in both industry and large and small exhibitions. The figure of transparent LED screen is also common and obvious.

Many people familiar with the situation generally believe that the current transparent LED display screen, from a technical point of view, although many transparent LED products have been relatively mature and stable, and its application in the field of subdivision is relatively successful, there is still a big contradiction between the point spacing and the permeability: the smaller the point spacing of the LED display screen, the higher its clarity and display efficiency. The result is even better, and the reason why the LED transparent screen will be popular in the market is that its permeability is very good, so many LED display companies continue to optimize transparent display products, improve their permeability, in the choice of clarity and transparency, we have solved the contradiction between the two very well, in order to make products more in line with the market needs. Ask.

From the market situation, we have mentioned that the current LED transparent screen in its high-end areas is an important prominent, very important reason is that the price is slightly higher. Of course, this is also related to the current industry LED transparent screen is still a “niche product”, the market volume is relatively small. There are few LED display enterprises in the industry to produce transparent LED display screen in mass production, so the price has been only high, the same is true: the price is not going down, the market is of course difficult to rise, so the current price of LED transparent products mainly depends on the industry. Productivity to minimize a gap between them.

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