LED Display screen Price Changes with the product history


We all know that in the past, small and medium-sized LED display enterprises would rather bear the pressure of price rise alone than make led video panel product price increase, because not only the enterprise is clear, but users also know that once the product price rises, it will lead to the loss of many old customers of the enterprise, and it will be more difficult for new customers to expand, rather than risking a huge risk of being abandoned by the market. It’s better to stick to the risk. After all, the rising price of LED display screen is not a trivial matter for enterprises.

But in fact, no matter from the perspective of industry or users, the rise of upstream products and raw materials of LED will lead to price increase of LED display enterprises. But for the long-term development of enterprises, reasonable profit margin is an inevitable condition. Price increase of small and medium-sized LED display enterprises is to solve the problem of price increase under internal digestion and external price increase. Therefore, it is justifiable that LED display companies sometimes raise prices, which may also promote the price of the entire LED market to rise, promote the long-term development of the stability of the LED display industry, and better towards benign competition.

With the continuous development of science and technology, with the deepening of LED display technology and the increasing capacity of enterprise resource integration, the production cost advantages of LED leading listed companies are gradually revealed. Compared with the price increase of most small and medium-sized LED display enterprises, those leading listed enterprises can also provide quality and service for enterprises and users in the industry price increase. This is why the backing force of listed companies can be trusted by the masses.

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