Analyzing and understanding of Transparent LED Display Screen


With the rapid development of urban economy, the demand for outdoor advertisement is becoming higher and higher. Traditional outdoor advertising screen is relatively heavy, installation and transportation will be relatively troublesome, and light dyeing is also a major problem, outdoor advertising resources become increasingly rare. The emergence of transparent LED display has brought new vitality to outdoor advertising. Its good characteristics of indoor installation and outdoor display viewing are deeply loved by media companies.

Transparent LED Display Screen

Through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, the transparent LED display screen independently developed not only meets the requirements of lighting and viewing angle of glass curtain wall, but also has good heat dissipation performance, easy installation and maintenance, which completely breaks a restrictive area of traditional LED display screen application in glass curtain wall. So why does the transparent LED display produced  have such an advantage, and why is the word-of-mouth so good? The main advantages of Transparent LED Display are as follows:

1. Permeability: Permeability can reach 70%-95%. Light transmission and ventilation do not affect indoor daylighting and viewing line of sight. The product structure can hardly be seen eight meters away.

2. Flexibility:  LED screen can customize the size of the box according to the installation environment of the project, so that the box keel and the glass keel of the project installation site can be perfectly integrated, reducing the area of the penetrating and shielding area, and the shape and structure of the screen can be selected as heterosexual shape.

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