What are the specific factors that affect the price of LED video display?


When we buy LED display, whether full-color or small spacing, many people will naturally consider how to reduce the price, but ignore the quality of LED display. But this is also our normal psychology, after all, everyone wants to lower the price as much as possible. Today, LED display manufacturers Liancheng here to introduce to you, what factors will affect the price of LED display.

LED display screen not only has bright and bright colors, but also has fast operation and long life. It can play animated videos, text, pictures and other forms of content. Now it is more and more popular with performers, outdoor advertisers, supermarkets, commercial, engineering, hospitals and other local customers in the only era. But the price factor has blocked many customers. The factors affecting the price of LED display can be roughly divided into the following points:

1. The influence of display screen specifications on the price of LED. The LED display screen can be roughly divided into outdoor, indoor, monochrome, double primary and full color. But the price of each kind of LED screen is different, and the difference of dot density also leads to the difference of price.

2. Enterprise production cost has great influence on the price of LED display screen. The production cost of each enterprise is also very different. Every display screen adds its own production cost besides the cost of raw materials. This includes staff salaries, logistics costs and other expenditures.

3. The influence of raw materials on the price of LED display screen. The raw materials and core technology of LED display screen in our country are relatively dependent on foreign technology.

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