Points in Assembly and Connection of LED Electronic Display Screen


Many people may not know that it is very difficult to assemble all the components of the LED electronic display screen, just as it is difficult to configure a new computer to assemble, even the led video wall is more difficult than the computer to assemble. Here, we tell you that we should pay more attention to one step of it. First of all, it is connected by many modules, and the module is composed of beads. The steps are to fasten the rings one by one. The rings should be careful, otherwise the effect of LED electronic display will have a significant negative impact.

LED Electronic Display Screen

Another important aspect of the LED display is the connection. Once a connection is not good, the following work will not work properly. Only with a thorough understanding of this knowledge, the LED display will be safer and more effective, because it is related to the brightness power of the LED display, the cost of a single package of high-power brightness LED is high, and the power of a single brightness LED display is very small. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange and combine several LED display screens. On the one hand, it can meet the requirements of wide range, high brightness, dynamic display, color change and other applications, and on the other hand, it can meet the requirements of a driving device matching with the LED. So what are the connection modes of LED electronic display? we summarizes four kinds of connection forms for LED display screen.

1. Cross-array: The main purpose of cross-array is to improve the reliability of LED display and reduce one of its faults.

2. Series Form: In the general simple series mode, the LED will be connected from end to end, and the current flowing through the LED display screen will be comparatively equal.

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