No comparison, no harm in LED display video screen quality


All walks of life, people and things are the same, there is no harm without comparison! Likewise, the LED display screen also uses high-definition high-level driver IC’s LED display screen and ordinary drive LED display screen products to contrast: the display screen has bright colors and details, and the gray display is not clear two pictures formed a sharp contrast. The deadly harm of diversity, I believe that for the vast number of consumers, the heart is running for tears.

The high-definition and high-order PWM driver of LED display screen is generated by the interaction of gray data and gray clock. The time of LED turn-on is divided into several shorter turn-on times on average, and the gray-scale accuracy is kept unchanged. It can easily achieve refresh rate greater than or equal to 3840Hz, and take pictures without water ripple. It can also effectively reduce a requirement for the gray clock sent by the controller, improve the visual update rate, and further reduce the screen flicker. Through the functions of low gray consistency, gradient high contrast, high contrast coupling, cross-board color difference and ghost elimination, a result of low gray level processing is achieved, which embodies a stronger picture texture.

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