Standardized and sound system is important for LED display screen

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Now the LED display screen is no longer unfamiliar in people’s daily advertising video life, and it has been applied to every corner of the world. According to the research company, by 2020, the total domestic market  LED display screen output value will exceed 800 billion yuan. 800 billion yuan, a considerable market value. The characteristics of LED also indicate that it will become a bright star in the future lighting industry. In recent years, the development of LED in China is quite rapid, the following data are clear at a glance.

The above data is the relationship between the construction and output of LED in various places. The rapid development of LED has attracted the attention of investment companies. Qingyun Venture Capital invested 40 million US dollars to subscribe to Zhenmingli, an LED screen manufacturer, according to data: 40 million US dollars..

Short board 1: LED lighting standards have not yet been developed

At present, there is no national standard for LED lamps in China, only some local standards. The formulation of China’s national standards for LED lighting should be based on international standards, so as to facilitate the integration of China’s LED lighting industry with the international market, and facilitate the export and marketing of our products in the international market.

LED industry is developing rapidly, but there are also problems. Only by solving these problems can the development of the LED industry be healthier and the LED display products meet the needs of the public. If all departments in the industry chain do their jobs well, I believe that the LED industry will break out.

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