The new year will witness development of LED display screen


In the 21st century, the LED display wall industry has seen a remarkable recovery momentum recently. Especially in the new year of 2017, the main LED display manufacturers in the industry are in full production, there will be a shortage of supply and demand in a short period of time, so there will be a general demand for price increases in the industrial chain. The LED industry is expected to have a relatively tight supply and demand situation throughout the next quarter.

Previous data analysis shows that the global value of LED packaging is as high as 16 billion US dollars, and the growth rate has recovered to 10%. In the high-end market dominated by foreign LED display manufacturers such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea, although LED in China started relatively late, it is becoming the leader of the global LED packaging device manufacturing. At the same time, with the increasing concentration of LED packaging industry, the profitability of domestic leading packaging enterprises is on the rise.

Product Diagram of LED Display Screen

In 2017, the price of LED screen chips, packaging and lighting went up in many rounds. In 2017, the chip leaders jointly launched a series of price risers, which highlighted the improvement of the supply and demand pattern of the LED industry. Lighting + display accounts for more than half of downstream applications. In 2017, the global LED lighting market is expected to exceed 80 billion US dollars, with only 25% penetration. In 2017, the global LED lighting market is expected to exceed 33% penetration, with growth rate exceeding 22%. Intelligent lighting continues to stimulate the overall demand of the industry. In 2017, the market growth rate of small spacing LED display screen exceeded 70%, and the overall supply and demand continued to boom. The global LED backlight market has declined slightly due to OLED substitution, and backlight production capacity has shifted to China more quickly.

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