Transparent LED Display Screen for Glass wall Application


At present, in the bustling and noisy city, we see more conventional and traditional LED display screens, some of which are used in office buildings, some in commercial buildings, some in science and technology exhibition halls and so on. Another kind of led display screen is air-tight, which blocks out the outdoor light and viewing sight. It is a transparent LED display screen, and its price with the glass curtain wall. Values are often overlooked.

Since its creation, transparent LED display has attracted the attention of the majority of people. The combination of glass curtain wall and glass curtain wall is the best matching partner. As long as there is glass in place, transparent LED display screen can be used, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, automobile shops, shopping malls and so on. Transparent LED display makes the world more transparent and makes glass more attractive! So why is it so popular? Let’s have a look.

Transparent LED Display Screen

First of all, this LED screen solves a big problem that the traditional LED screen can not be used in large area of glass curtain wall. With the development of LED display technology and the breakthrough of modern building technology, it has been gradually sought after by the market in recent years. Especially in the application of glass curtain wall building, a variety of solutions have emerged. Transparent LED display technology, with the characteristics of high transparency and ultra-thin, has obvious technical advantages in the field of construction media. Glass curtain wall is a new blue sea area under the situation of increasing shortage of urban outdoor advertising resources. This field has a wide range of applications and implementations, which can cooperate with a variety of scenarios.

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