Opportunity for LED display manufacturers to display market has come.


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Recently, a series of policies for expanding domestic demand have been issued in many parts of the country, focusing on expanding imports and promoting consumption upgrading. Information consumption has become the focus of local policies to expand and upgrade consumption. Fujian, Yunnan, Hebei, Guangdong, Henan and other places have introduced implementation plans to further expand and upgrade information consumption and continuously release the potential of domestic demand.

Information consumption is a macro concept, involving all aspects of economic life, covering production and consumption, living consumption, management and consumption and other fields. The upgrading of information consumption will cover the construction of smart cities and the Internet of Things. It shows that terminals, as an indispensable part of information consumption, are bound to have great potential. Among them, our LED display screen can play an important role in intelligent terminal, security monitoring, intelligent transportation and so on.

However, we should also see that, although through the improvement of technology and technology, the application of LED display has been expanded and the display screen has tasted sweetness, but we can not ignore that the LED display is still an engineering product, still dominated by the display project. The application of small spacing LED display in commercial display market is still in its initial stage. The LED display screen is almost out of touch with the consumer electronics market. This consumer market upgrade may be an opportunity for small spacing LED displays.

The development of technology can not be separated from the promotion of the market. The huge consumer market in China provides us with excellent opportunities for LED display enterprises.

In the future, I believe there will be more policies to expand domestic demand. In terms of consumption upgrading, ministries such as the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are planning policies to expand consumption upgrading. Some analysts believe that the future high-end manufacturing industry may be an important policy focus of “expanding domestic demand”. All these advantages indicate that China is in the stage of upgrading the consumption structure. If we can seize this opportunity and upgrade the technology and technology in time, the future development space will be infinite. Technological advances will inevitably feed back the market. Perhaps this will also be an opportunity to promote the future entry of LED display into the home display market.

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