Outdoor LED Display is the King of Business Advertising


Outdoor advertising led display wall, as one of the most common and easily noticed forms of advertising, has a wide range of coverage and various types of led video advertising. It has always occupied a very important position in the advertising industry with its stable range and efficiency. Especially after the superposition of some black technology and creativity, outdoor advertising is easier to play with eye-catching content, and the value is more prominent. Various signs show that outdoor advertising is now in a period of steady and sustainable development of the industry.

According to statistics from relevant agencies, the funds used for advertising on billboards, buses and baseball fields are expected to set a new record this year. According to Zenith, an advertising analyst, global outdoor advertising spending is expected to reach $38 billion this year, up 3% from last year and 35% from 2010, and the growth is mainly concentrated in China. As one of the most common advertising communication situations in outdoor advertising, LED display screen has been paid more and more attention by the industry.

LED display is the king of outdoor advertising in the business circle!

In urban life, Metro stations, high-speed rail stations, airports and places are common outdoor advertisements in communities, as well as in business circles, where large-screen LED advertisements are mainly in business circles. According to incomplete statistics, the average weekly arrival rate of outdoor LED display media is 61.8%, the average weekly business circle arrival frequency is 3.8, the average monthly arrival rate is 79.3%, 30% of the audience actively pay attention to outdoor LED display media.

With the continuous optimization of the technology and products of the entire LED display industry, especially with the acceleration of industrial upgrading, the products and technologies of manufacturers and after-sales can be further guaranteed, and even more and more new products begin to shine and heat in the field of outdoor advertising, such as LED advertising machine, LED transparent screen and so on. We have enough confidence and strength to solve the shortcomings and pain points of LED display in the field of outdoor advertising.

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