The LED display rental market seemed not very strong


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September and October are in the autumn harvest season, which is also the most precious time of the year. In the past years, with the arrival of the traditional sales peak season of the LED display industry, “gold, silver and ten”, both the demand of end-users and the purchasing power of consumers have reached the peak of the year. Many LED display companies want to expand production scale, increase investment and expand channels with the help of this peak season.

But this year, the traditional “golden nine silver ten” peak season has come to an end, the sales peak of the LED display industry has not yet arrived, so many LED screen people lament that the “golden nine silver ten” magic law is no longer. LED display business is becoming more and more difficult to do, so in this unpredictable 2018, what exactly has LED screen people experienced?

2. The former Sino-US trade has become increasingly intense and the international economic situation is tense. The Sino-US trade war has been burning since July, 2018.

In recent years, with the sharp increase in the number of domestic LED display manufacturers, the pressure of survival faced by LED display enterprises has gradually increased, making many famous manufacturers of LED display screen diversify their eyes overseas. According to the export data in recent years, the United States is the largest export market of LED display screen in China.

Although the market share of the LED display wall industry continues to expand, the market environment is also changing rapidly, which brings huge challenges to many LED display enterprises. Experience will bring some risks, but it will also make the LED screen person stronger, improve themselves in advance from various aspects, in order to remain unchanged and changeable, full of confidence in the future development of enterprises.

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