China’s strong economy will drive LED display screen industry


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After war and smoke, rain and snow, the People’s Republic of China is about to celebrate its 69th birthday. As we all know, every important festival, such as National Day, the anniversary of the founding of the army, the anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and so on, China will hold different specifications of military parades to show its national prestige and military prestige, and how to enhance the patriotic consciousness of the whole nation. During this period, as the carrier of information transmission, the LED display screen also represents the elements of modern science and technology. Tian’anmen Square appears frequently and shines brilliantly on the parade. It can be said that it has witnessed the growing vitality of the Chinese nation.

Witnesses of glorious moments add luster to the parade

In 2009, Tian’anmen Square held the military parade ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China. In Tian’anmen Square, four huge LED displays were installed. Each LED display on both sides of Tian’anmen Square reached 367 square meters, while the LED display on both sides of the People’s Hero Monument also reached 250 square meters. More than that, of the 60 floats in the mass procession, 33 floats adopt LED display screen, and some floats adopt the rare spherical LED at that time, which has reached the international advanced level both in technology and quality. It is precisely because of the bright color and clear image of the LED display screen, it still presents the most perfect picture effect for people in the clear sky, and adds luster to a series of major events in the National Day parade and Tiananmen Square area.

Of course, the reason why the LED display is widely valued by the merchants is inseparable from its own advantages such as high brightness, stable performance, low power consumption, miniaturization and long life. In addition, with the gradual orderly competition in the LED display industry, the LED display market will become mature, and will soon be transformed into a large-scale, brand competition mode. Through several large-scale technological reforms in macro-policies, industry testing standards, business models, maturity of industrial chain, performance indicators and production scale, top ten LED manufacturers have continuously tackled key problems and upgraded, introduced advanced equipment and core technology from abroad. The production technology of LED in our country has achieved great strides in development and provided unlimited possibilities for the future. It is precisely because of this that, they have attracted more and more attention. Many businessmen have joined the research and development and sales team of LED display screen, including some enterprises with great strength and influence. They have also taken LED display screen as an important part of their business strategy development and set foot in the industry of LED display screen.

The rapid development of China has astonished the people all over the world. They are all surprised that China can develop so strongly in half a century. This means that China is quietly changing the world. These LED display screens made by China’s Intelligence have witnessed the fruitful harvest of the motherland in the military field, recorded the historic glorious moment of military parade, and demonstrated the country’s research in the field of LED. Manufacturing strength.

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