LED display companies can go further only if they have a solid base


In recent years, with the increase of the number of domestic LED display companies, the industry is facing increasing pressure of survival. At the same time, attracted by the broad overseas market, many LED display companies have focused their attention on overseas and embarked on the road of “going to sea”, and even some LED display companies regard the overseas market as the focus of their development. With the focus of domestic LED display companies gradually shifting to overseas, while the world LED industry is gradually shifting to domestic. In such a contrast, what should domestic LED display companies do?

With the transfer of the world LED industry to the domestic market and the establishment of production bases by foreign competitors, the competition in the LED industry is also increasing, and the price of products is also declining.

Overseas markets mainly rely on differentiated products to make profits, but the homogeneous competition in overseas markets is serious, resulting in low product interest rates, which undoubtedly increases the pressure on LED display companies to survive overseas.

First of all, because the LED display industry in China started late, the importance of intellectual property rights is insufficient. The lagging of patent application and protection makes it difficult for Chinese LED display companies to grasp the initiative of competition in the face of fierce market competition, often in a more passive position.

Second, as the European debt crisis extends, the overseas LED display market is shrinking. Economic growth slowed down, financial tightening and consumption declined in euro-zone countries.

The world LED display makers set up factories in China, and their world marketing network and brand advantages will exert greater competitive pressure on domestic export enterprises.

Now, when we talk about the status quo of the LED display market, negative words such as homogeneity, price war, low innovation and so on are full of the LED display industry, which makes people wonder: Is there really no way out for the domestic LED display market? Obviously not!

In a word, there is nothing wrong with overseas market development, but under the new situation, domestic market stability is particularly important. As a domestic enterprise, domestic LED display companies can go farther and farther only if they have a solid foundation.

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