Service is the foundation for future LED display manufacturers to survive


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As the so-called “economic base determines superstructure”, with the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving, which means that end-users put forward new requirements for products and services in various industries. Among them, after nearly 30 years of development, the LED display industry has become more and more visible in the daily field.

First, commercial value turns to artistic value, bringing billions of market opportunities: in the past, LED screens were usually used as commodity publicity, store decoration, popularization of knowledge, promulgation of various major festival celebrations or road traffic LED navigation instructions, etc. However, with the improvement of cultural level, the public has a higher demand for the appearance of LED screen, coupled with the continuous optimization and upgrading of technology by LED screen enterprises, the function of LED screen has changed. Nowadays, LED screen is no longer just a carrier of cultural information dissemination, but also a “work of art” to beautify life. For example, through a series of complex production processes, such as display materials, control software, video production, LED oil painting screen can show the fusion, soft texture and hierarchy of oil painting emphasized, together with the design and improvement of border materials, it can achieve certain artistic decoration effect. Moreover, because of its Internet gene, it can easily move the world’s “famous paintings” home.

It can be seen that the commercial value of LED display gradually shifts to the field of culture and art, especially the creative LED screen with novel and unique appearance and attracting attention, which is the best carrier to reflect the artistic value of LED display. On the one hand, creative LED screen technology is complex and limited in use, which makes it impossible to produce on a large scale, resulting in its scarcity and uniqueness; on the other hand, because of the unique characteristics of creative LED display technology, not only avoids unnecessary homogenization competition, but also as a work of art, price will not become the decisive factor for consumers to choose it, and the profit margin of the product is also large. Degree improvement.

LED display screen has gradually penetrated into our life and become an indispensable part of our life. This means that the demand for LED display screen in terminal market is expanding, which will undoubtedly bring business opportunities to the LED display industry. But at the same time, in the face of higher quality requirements put forward by the market, LED display enterprises also need to make timely changes, in order to improve the quality and quality of products at the same time, constantly optimize the service and efficiency of products, otherwise enterprises will lose the chance of survival.

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