Transparent and hollow led screen wall with advanced sense


If conventional LED display wall panel is a star in the display world, then transparent screen, grid screen and special-shaped led screen are undoubtedly the shining stars in the creative display world. With the gradual expansion of market demand for creative display, conventional display screens can no longer meet the appetite of all kinds of merchants, and various new large screens have become the strength of concave modeling. Among them, the hollow screen has been introduced into the market and received continuous praise.

The industry has always been famous for its products and services. In the selection of raw materials, we constantly adhere to the principle of optimum to ensure the safety, stability and effectiveness of products in various use situations. The hollow screen has been improved in the whole manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. It is not necessary to maintain the channel before installation. Compared with conventional display screen, it not only achieves real environmental protection, solves the two major problems of wind protection and weight reduction, but also breaks through many restrictions on building and wall, making the project more flexible and selective.

Has been committed to providing customers with high cost-effective products, to provide customers with professional solutions, for their quality strategy to open up a sustainable development path, for the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry to provide new ideas for enterprise development. Really achieved so that customers can buy at ease, use at ease

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