Small pixel pitch and Mini and Micro led wall is in the ascendant

small-pixel-pitch-high-definition-indoor-advertising screen

LED display screen has developed from red and green double color display in 1970s to full color display in 1990s. Domestic enterprises have also developed from the initial few to several thousand. Especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China’s LED display screen ushered in a period of rapid development.

With the outbreak of the LED display market, the integration speed of the entire LED industry is also accelerating, the technical threshold of low-end products has been broken, product homogeneity is serious, price wars rise and fall one after another. At the same time, the high-end small spacing LED display market ushered in explosive growth. In early 2017, COB and Mini LED appeared on the stage of small spacing LED, which has a certain impact on the traditional SMD small spacing. The market has also formed two camps: traditional SMD small spacing faucet and COB/Mini LED small spacing new players. Therefore, the display screen enterprises that follow the development trend of the industry and carry out technology and market layout ahead of time will be able to enjoy the pioneer dividend.

MiniLED, MicroLED  display wall and Small Spacing Contrast

Application field: from special display to commercial display to civil use

The manufacture of LED display screen needs not only the matching of technology and production capacity of LED chip and bead, but also the matching supply of PCB, driving circuit, power supply, metal or carbon fiber frame and other materials and components. Back on the demand market of the largest and smallest spacing bead, the domestic small spacing bead packaging manufacturer Guoxing Photoelectric, Dongshan Precision has natural advantages. So from the global point of view, China’s mainland is the only region with complete industrial support, and Chinese LED screen enterprises have great competitive advantages in this respect.

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