Manufacturing Reform Brings Opportunities for LED Display Company


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In September this year, Ma Yun comprehensively explained his thinking on new manufacturing in the “2018 Hangzhou Yunqi Congress”. He said that the new manufacturing industry will soon bring sweeping threats and opportunities to the manufacturing industry in China and the world. The pain faced by all manufacturing industries will be far beyond imagination. New manufacturing will bring new opportunities to enterprises.

“New manufacturing is the perfect combination of manufacturing and service industries.”

The competitiveness of new manufacturing lies not in the manufacturing itself, but in the creative thinking, experience, feeling and service ability behind the manufacturing. With the trend of “experiential consumption” in the terminal market becoming more and more obvious, more and more LED display companies are paying more attention to service and customer’s product experience. Many screen companies are beginning to increase investment in product after-sales service, organize professional service personnel training and so on. In addition, more and more LED display experience stores are blooming everywhere to comprehensively enhance customer’s product experience. In the future, this trend will be more obvious.

The R&D and production capacity of chips is an important index to measure the technological strength of an industry. In recent years, the small spacing display market has maintained a high-speed growth, which has also played a positive role in promoting the demand of China’s LED chip market, technological innovation, production capacity and other aspects. At the same time, in recent years, with the strong support of the government, the Chinese mainland LED screen chip manufacturers have expanded their production. Sanan, Huacan and other manufacturers have constantly innovated technology and increased production capacity. At present, the domestic LED display market is dominated by chip manufacturers, which shows that the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese mainland LED chip manufacturers is constantly strengthening.

Within the Chinese market, with the intensification of industry integration, the concentration of LED chip industry has increased rapidly, market competition has eased, and chip prices have steadily rebounded. With the development and optimization of industry in the future, China’s LED chip industry will certainly be able to go further.

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