Energy-saving LED display screen should be done from three aspects


Environment-friendly and energy-saving LED display screen advertising is a system engineering application that integrates advanced international engineering technologies such as electronic technology, computer technology, electrical technology, optical technology, green environmental protection, light pollution reduction and low power consumption.

First, energy-saving design of wireless module: energy-saving design technology is mainly based on the latest LED wireless module, constant current driver chip to drive the design of high-efficiency LED lamp.

(1) The latest LED wireless module screen design and low-energy LED lamp selection: green and energy-saving LED wireless module pixel screen is generally composed of a single pixel, the maximum power consumption of pixels is: 300w/. The physical density is as high as 40,000 points per mu.

(2) High-efficiency constant-current drive circuit design: The traditional LED display module uses 5V power supply to drive dot matrix module to supply power, divide voltage to constant-current drive circuit IC, exclude the positive voltage power necessary for constant-current circuit chip to reach linear conduction, and other remaining voltages are converted into heat energy to cause unnecessary consumption.

2. Energy-saving design of LED environmental protection and energy-saving display control system

LED environmental protection and energy-saving display includes computer hardware and system software, while the media editing platform of LED energy-saving and environmental protection display system provides image signal source for video of LED energy-saving and environmental protection display screen, and is also the monitoring platform of LED energy-saving system. From the point of view of environmental protection and energy saving, various hardware and software of the system are properly regulated to achieve energy saving of the system.

(1) According to the current power requirement of actual operation feedback, the three-way cross-supply module of hardware is balanced.

(2) To achieve time effectiveness and efficiency management of LED display pixels;

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