Outdoor LED display wall protection measures and caution points


Outdoor LED display installation should be protected and maintained to prevent the outdoor environment from affecting the normal use of the led display. So, what protective measures should be taken for outdoor LED displays? we summarized the following points!

Outdoor LED display protection measures:

1. Lightning protection measures for installing buildings and screens

In order to protect the display from strong electromagnetic attacks caused by lightning, the screen and the outer packaging of the display must be grounded, and the resistance of the grounded line should be less than 3 ohms, so that the current caused by thunder can be timely Displaced from the ground.

2, the entire led screen panel body waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof measures

The joint between the box and the box, and the joint between the screen and the force-mounted object should be seamlessly connected to avoid water leakage and moisture. In the interior of the screen body, it is necessary to have good drainage and ventilation measures, and if there is water in the interior, it can be treated in time.

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