Urban outdoor LED display media situation and development

outdoor advertising media

Now, when we drive or walk on the streets of the city, outdoor LED displays will continue to come into view. Some people say that after TV, computers, and mobile phones, outdoor LED media has made urban people “fourth screen”! So, what does the fourth screen mean for urbanites?

LED full-color display is a new type of information display media that has developed rapidly in the world in the 1990s. It combines modern high-tech, energy saving, environmental protection, colorful, display dynamic picture and text, wide range of visibility, etc. Advantage. The outdoor LED screen advertising screen area is large, the visual effect is shocking, can fully attract the attention of the audience, is a new combination of media and high technology.

Based on the high expectations of outdoor LED display media advertising, time and time, large and small media companies have begun to acquire resources and build a screen, and hope to cut a piece from this smelly cake and eat a bite.

However, the outdoor LED display media has a huge demand for capital. If there is no capital strength, it is difficult to rapidly expand and continue to develop in the industry. This situation began to turn around after the scale expansion reached its peak in 2008. Under the global financial crisis, venture capital has decreased and local capital has shrunk. At the same time, corporate advertising budgets have inevitably decreased, making some LED funds that are insufficiently funded or unable to receive capital continue to be injected. Capital retreats to those companies that have no financial strength and are weak in business.

However, everything must have two sides. This big wave of sand, for some powerful LED display media companies is a good opportunity for development. For the choice of counter-market expansion, Liu Zuigeng, president of Phoenix Metro Media, believes that when the economy is good, it takes a long time to negotiate a prime location in a key city. However, in the case of economic downturn, the government The investment will be more open and more active.

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