What if the LED full color display wall is not clear enough?


What if the LED full color display is not clear enough? LED display manufacturers have prepared the following four methods!

   Four ways to improve the HD brightness of full-color LED displays:

   First, improve the contrast of full color LED display

   Contrast is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and vivid the image, and the more vivid the color. High contrast is very helpful for image sharpness, detail performance, and gray level performance.

   Second, improve the gray level of full color LED display

   The gray level of the LED display refers to the brightness level from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness. The higher the gray level of the full color LED display, the richer the color, the more vivid the color; The display color is single and the change is simple. The increase of the gray level can greatly increase the color depth, and the display level of the image color increases geometrically. Now many full-color LED display manufacturers can make the gray level of the display 14bit~16bit, which makes the image layer distinguish details and display effects more delicate and vivid.

   Third, reduce the dot spacing of full color LED display

   Reducing the dot pitch of the full-color LED display can improve the clarity of the display screen, because the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density per unit area of ​​the full-color LED display, the more details that can be displayed, the screen display The more delicate and realistic it is.

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