Several advantages of vehicle LED display screen


The vehicle taxi LED electronic screen has the novel characteristics of real-time, flexibility, mobility and large capacity. For the users who have some “visual fatigue” for the static car bus LED electronic screen, this new way has been favored by users.
Taking the bus LED electronic screen as an example, it can provide passengers with important travel information, route information, etc. in addition, the advertising effect is prominent.

Some taxi drivers often say that they are worried that the bus LED electronic screen is harmful to the car. You don’t have to worry. Generally, it’s like the monochrome matching on a taxi, which is relatively small and the process is not too complicated. In general, the car screen with full color screen is refitted with a car like Iveco, which takes several problems into consideration. Firstly, the shock resistance of the screen body is necessary because of the influence of road surface and other factors; Secondly, there is the problem of heat dissipation. One is that the service life of the components of the display screen is reduced. Secondly, the temperature in the carriage is too high. Therefore, the heat dissipation scheme is particularly important, considering the problems of power supply and air circulation.

The bus in a city is still one of the main means of public travel, with more than one million passengers per day. It carries a large number of people, and the “leisure time” of more than ten minutes on the bus is leisurely and boring. If there is a flowing colorful display screen in front of it to broadcast news, sports, entertainment, weather, advertising information, etc., this kind of active “cramming” reading media can attract the attention of passengers to the greatest extent and achieve good advertising effect.
For taxis, the on-board screen is not harmful to the car, but also can get advertising revenue. Why not? In addition, GPS LED car screen can use GPS to locate the vehicle, and return the location, which is conducive to the taxi management center or the bus dispatching center to master the location of the vehicle at any time, realize real-time scheduling, reduce the no-load rate and alleviate traffic congestion Objective.
For government official vehicles and police vehicles, led vehicle screen has large storage capacity, which can appeal daily advertising, news, policies, guidelines and regulations, public information (such as weather forecast), urban culture, traffic and other information to the public through the display screen. Its public welfare is particularly prominent, and it is the mouthpiece of the government and the window of urban civilization. In addition, when encountering a criminal case, GPS can timely inform 110 of the driving position and route of the alarm vehicle, and at the same time, the LED car screen outside the window will flash to display the contents such as “I was robbed, please call the police”, which can effectively control and crack down on illegal crimes.

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